The Management

The four pillars of the management policy of MANFIN are: HR innovations, up-to-date infrastructure, visionary, proactive management -and regular review of the three.

HRD Policy

Adhering to the dictum "practice as thee preacheth!" MANFIN employs an innovative HRD policy which attracts bright talent and ensures dynamic, timely responses to emerging challenges. Recognizing and rewarding excellence forms the cornerstone of MANFIN personnel policy.

Social Commitment

A responsible corporate citizen, MANFIN is alive to its obligations to the society. It regularly works to promote rational thinking and scientific temper and in a small way works toward alleviation of poverty.


The power of modern day professionals lies in their ability to exploit the latest technology. MANFIN provides state-of-the-art infrastructure to its staff and maintains an up-to-date data resource base.


The Board has two whole-time and three nominated Directors. They include two successful former bank CEO's, a renowned industrialist and a communication expert.


Its bright team of professionals is empowered and is ably assisted by an efficient support team, the latest in computing and communication technology and a powerful, dynamic database.