Although MANFIN's directors provide the leadership, its real strength lies in its team of brilliant, motivated and enthusiastic young men and women.

We do not believe in rigid hierarchies. Rather, the structure resembles concomitant circles. Every assignment is executed in the spirit of team-work and camaraderie. Associates are encouraged to take up responsibilities in the areas of their liking. The result is a vibrant and fun-filled work environment.

MANFIN Family - Manfinites

[In alphabetical order]

Supporting team

Retainee Associates

Sr. Co-ordinators and Co-ordinators

Bhawani S Maheshwari

Bhawani holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology specializing in computer networking.  A habitual first class, he secured distinction throughout his school and college years. He ranked amongst the top five in his faculty in the university.

Bhawani is Sr. Coordinator of Infotech projects at MANFIN. He was the one who empowered MANFIN's existing IT resources and networking environment. He is  part of MANFIN's Web Team. Besides, he is also the administrator of MANFIN's Web Server in USA and its LAN . He also coordinates client support for MANFIN's Infotech products.

An avid net surfer, Bhawani is currently working on emerging e-commerce technologies such as PHP, MYSQL,MIVA Scripts, mSQL, and SSL Programming.


Burhan Bhindarwala

Burhan Bhindarwala did an MBA in Information Systems Management from MS University, Baroda.

At MANFIN he is a co-ordinator of MIS and general management. He works closely with the management and team. Reading is his favourite pastime. Astronomy is his favourite subject for reading. But he believes in sheer hard work and commitment, not in the positioning of stars for success.


Chanda Valecha

Chanda Valecha holds a Master's degree in Commerce and ICWA. She diversified into web designing and development pursuing a course at World Wide Web Institute, Ahmedabad. Her commerce background coupled with the understanding of the web designing earns her a good place in the emerging web commerce scenario.

She is a Web developer at Manfin, looking after HTML coding, Java Scripting, PERL programming and web security. She has a strong faith that she will conquer the world in "her own style".


Chinar Patel

Chinar  is part of the web developer team at MANFIN. . Chinar is a B.E from DDIT, Nadiad. He has worked extensively on Autocad for two years before going web-savvy.

Chinar is very good at Java prgramming and scripting languages.


Chintan Shah

Chintan Shah holds a First Class Bachlor Degree in Commerce pursuing his C.A. He actively participates in group discussions on contemporary economical and financial issues .

He works a Junior Accountant at Manfin. He is also involved in marketing and support of BUSY, the business management software.


Homai Rustomji

A fashion designer turned computer-savvy, she is graphic designer at MANFIN. Besides, she prepares layout & colour scheme of web pages. 

Homai has a flair for application software and a love for colors and creative graphics. 


Irfanahmed W Uraizee

Irfanahmed is  co-ordinator, Business Development. His thrust is on developing new business plans and marketing strategies.

Irfanahmed holds a Master's in International Business (MIB) from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne. He was the convenor of Indian Student Club at the University. He did his Bachelors' degree in arts from Gujarat University and was awarded a gold medal. He remained convenor for sociology association during his Bachelor's degree.


M H Jowher

Mr. Jowher is a banker turned accredited management consultant. He is a recognised public speaker and writer on management and administration and is involved with several important voluntary causes.

He is the Promoter-Managing Director of the MANFIN group.


M Idris Pathan

Idris, a self learner by nature, is part of the web developer team at MANFIN. He holds a Bachelor's degree from Gujarat Univesity. He is a self taught Infotech Professional. He was in a reputed government organization before moving to MANFIN.


Mujib Katrawala

Mujib Katrawala is the Vice President, Business Development. An MBA from B K School of Management, Ahmedabad, he was previously the Regional Manager of Gujarat State Fertilizers Corporation, Government of Gujarat, in Chennai.


Pallavi Punjabi

Ms. Punjabi holds an M.B.A. degree with Finance as the major subject from K. S. School of Business Management, Gujarat University with a first class. Besides, she also possesses a post-graduate diploma in computer applications [D.C.A.].

During the pursuit of her studies she has also secured a certificate in the Module on ‘Entrepreneurial Personality Development’ conducted by the reputed Enterpreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), Ahmedabad.

Pallavi is a coordinator at MANFIN specializing in Finance and Banking. Besides, she also assists in financial intermediation services. And of her own volition she coordinates general administration of the Company including its HRD aspects.


Ar. Rizwan M Kadri 

An architect with nearly three decade's standing, Ar Rizwan Kadri is a director of the 
well-established firm, AAPL. He combines his acumen for architecture with an eye for aesthetics. Noted for his sense 
of colour and proportions Ar Kadri design amalgamates design strength with artistic beauty and visual appeal .

Ar Rizwan Kadri is also a keen social observer and activist. As President of ASMWC 
he is working for the reform and scientific advancement of the Muslim clergy at Ahmedabad.

Ms Leena K Rao

A Masters in Business Administration, Ms Rao carries nearly two decade's experience in management and administration. 

As the Chief Manager of a national award winning NGO, Ms Rao oversaw and advanced a network of multipurpose empowerment centres called the CARAVAN Centres. She steered its accounting, finances and HR. 

Adept at statutory aspects of running businesses she looks after the statutory filings and compliance at MANFIN in an honorary capacity.